Finest frontend forever

Houston Inc. Consulting Oy offices currently lie in Helsinki and Turku with plans of opening new offices in Seinäjoki and Lappeenranta.

Are you looking for inspiring, modern web software projects? Do you long for skilled people around you to step your own game up? You have come to the right place!

Three words in your T-shirt: Finest Frontend Forever. You can make nyan cats with CSS and accessible, good looking front ends are your industry standard. You challenge our designers and make magic out of wireframes. Living style guides and design systems are no brainers to you, and you’ll happily share your knowledge with our customers.

You play smoothly with React, React Native, TypeScript, and get kicks out of tests. You are ready to teach others how to improve and how to make the software engineering world better. You gain understanding together with our customers and in the end, you’re the one people want on their teams.

You probably didn’t know that Väppi, the energy coach concept, was designed and built by us — but maybe you’ve seen the Väppi TV commercial while sitting on the sofa. Or maybe you can imagine people in harbors around the world using everyday frontends built by you. That is what we do at Konecranes. You are not just building fancy thingiewingies or endless ads — you build tools to help people in their everyday work lives.

All that, us, and plenty more is waiting for you.


  • Eager to build the Finest Frontends Forever
  • CSS/TS/JS/React/Redux/AWS/Azure
  • Design Systems
  • UI / UX
  • Hands on coding skillz
  • Lead Frontend Developer
  • > 5 years of experience

Feeling it? Drop us an application! Before making any further decisions, you can meet Pasi our COO, and in the technical interview, aka pair programming session, one of your potential future colleagues.

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