Full-stack or Backend Developer

We continuously work on our product to be more kick-ass at delivering value to our growing customer base.  As part of that, we plan to make quite a bit of backend architecture development. We are looking for a Developer (with about 2-4 years of work experience) to join the team!

You will really dig working with us on this if you envision your future involving:

  • Solving complex problems with simple and elegant solutions
  • Learning more about modern software development in SaaS environment
  • Using Functional Programming (Scala, TypeScript)
  • Developing a microservices architecture on AWS
  • Building a well-known global product with thousands of customers
  • Being part of a friendly and supportive R&D team, in our small but spicy Seinäjoki hub

What we offer

We work in co-located teams, focusing on customer value and long term development of our platform and service. Our self-organizing teams choose their own tools and working methods, following certain best practices. We believe in lean & agile and invest in continuous improvement. Every team member gets to stretch their capabilities and take the lead role in a project when they are ready for it.

Interested? Want to find out more? Hop on the growth journey with us and help us make the world a happier place Smiley at a time!

If you have any questions, please contact Eeva-Liisa for more information about this job, the R&D team and HappyOrNot: eeva.lennon@happy-or-not.com, p. +358 40724 9229, you can try and call her anytime during the office hours.

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