Backend Developer

We are looking for an experienced backend developer to push mobile work machine connectivity to the new decade with us.

At Exertus, we provide the freedom to create smart solutions. You would be joining our experienced and creative R&D team, working closely with our international customers and colleagues to create world-class solutions for mobile work machines in the spirit of that freedom. We trust our developers with autonomy and independence regarding their expert work, but you won’t be left alone even with the toughest challenges as Exertus houses over 500 person-years of experience with an innovative and supportive company culture.

In this position you would be leading the development of our REDI cloud platform used by our customers to remotely access and manage their mobile work machine fleets around the world. We expect you to be able to take technical ownership of the implementation and an active role in the design of the platform architecture. We offer you a unique and interesting domain to put your skills into use – it’s not every web backend that gets to remotely control marvels of engineering work worth of a house – and a product to call yours and shape its future according to your vision.

In the role you will need to be familiar with programming languages like Python, Go or Rust and backend technologies like Docker and container orchestration, both relational and non-relational datastores like MySQL and Redis, and distributed monitoring and logging solutions. But more than expertise in particular technologies we are looking for an attitude to Get Things Done, the ability and enthusiasm to master new and emerging technologies and the mindset for mentoring others in the application of those technologies.

More information about the position:

Arttu Pulli, CTO / +358 103215 772

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Marja-Leena Ylinen / COO & HR

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